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Apr. 15th, 2015

What I like, and don't like about vocalists

The human voice unlike any other instrument is completely unique to each individual. Anyone can buy any instrument and share the exact same sound, but a unique voice...That's something you need to be gifted with. At least for now, until you can order new vocal cords online, and have them installed with an x-ray 3d printer.

In this day and age of hype over talent it's hard to get interested in vocalists, especially as someone who's experienced with the recording process. I can hear instantly when technology is doing the work for the artist. That being said, vocal talent is not always about technical ability. Sometimes just having a great voice can be more important than knowing how to sing. Anthony Kiedis is a good example of this. In my opinion he's not very talented, however he has a voice that's recognizable and notable singing style, the combination of these two things make him a good singer. Now, when you pair a unique voice with incredible skill, you get Freddy Mercury. For my money, he's the best rock vocalist who's ever lived.

But what about modern vocal sensations? Are they all somehow in the past? Is my opinion skewed because of my age? Maybe kind of yes to all of those things. Some modern voices that come to mind are singers like Adele, John Legend, Cee-Lo, Christina Aguilera, Matthew Bellamy (of muse), and Bruno Mars. They can all hit the high notes, have recognizable voices, and carry an even vibrato without using falsetto. Now, in my opinion if you need to use falsetto to hit a high note, you're not a great singer (Cough cough...Abel Tesfaye). In fact, unless i'm listening to the Bee Gees or Marvin Gaye (who used it for style even though he could really sing), I can't stand it. It's a kind of singing that anyone can do if they actually felt inclined to try. Just start talking like mickey mouse and then attempt to sing in that voice. There, now you're a just as good as these impostor vocalists (cough cough Adam Levine).

But then again, remember what I said earlier. You don't need to be a good singer to have a good voice. Take Drake for example. Instantly recognizable, but can sometimes be confused for Lil Wayne. In my opinion Drake basically jacked Lil Waynes style but has a deeper voice, therefore in my mind Lil Wayne is legit and Drake...Not as much. But Drake does have style.

Actually, I can't remember a time in hip hop (aside from the Puffy/Ma$e era) when so many artists sounded exactly the same. As a DJ I am constantly listening to new Hip Hop/R&B. I mean, it's one thing to have no lyrical or rhythmical talent as an MC, but to not even have a unique voice, I don't know how these guys sell records (2 chainz, Ace hood, Wiz Khalifa), and so maybe it's just my age. Maybe there's some intangible factor that i'm just not tuning into, or maybe standards are just lower now. This is the whole modern art debate of skill/talent vs x-factor/intrigue. Are there any unique current hip hop artists? I would say yes. Although I don't like his style, Rick Ross is pretty unique, I know he's MCing without even looking at who's on the track. Rae Stremmurd is another one. But are they unique like Snoop Dog? Like Jay Z? Like Chuck D? Like Nas? Like Treach? Like Q tip? Tupac? Like Busta? Method man? Eminem? like Sticky Fingas?...They are not. Not even close. I can't get passionate about these new guys because I know better. I feel almost as if everyone from my generation has been completely spoiled with the best of the best. It's the Michael Jordan scenario...There are a lot of talented rappers, but none of them can top those guys I named because they did it so well.

In conclusion, there is not a lot for me to be excited about vocally right now and that's really my issue. The tides have shifted from great vocals to great bands, with the vocals just being another piece of the band without being the primary focus. Although instruments like guitars and drums can occasionally invoke chills, they can't do it the way vocals can, and I seriously hope they make a comeback in mainstream music.

Bonus, some of my favorite all time vocalists:

Freddie Mercury, Steven Tyler, Dave Gahan, Joan Baez, Art Garfunkel, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carrey, Celine Dion, Eddie Vedder, Sting, Bon Jovie, Axel Rose, Gord Downie, Scott Welland...I just realized the list will be very long but those are a few.

Apr. 13th, 2015

Putting the pieces together.

Right now, we are still living in very primitive times. You can still pick up a news paper, there are still electronic devices that use cables, and we still need to communicate using some sort of physical means such as a keyboard, pen, light or sound rather than just thoughts.

In the future, numbers, letters, words...These will all be a thing of the past. Ancient relics of a primitive time before "Thought to thought" communication was possible. We will eventually start to think differently. All physical forms as we know them today will change, and will become very abstract. Completely unrecognizable to the reality we know. To us, we simply won't be "living" in "this" universe...Again, To us that is. In the future, there may be no such thing as "technology" or "Progress". It may not be relevant. To understand this, you have to understand consciousness at it's essence.

In order to understand consciousness/awareness, you need to try and imagine what it is. Is it some physical thing? Is there a part of the brain that's responsible for it? If so, what's keeping it limited to a single brain? Why could it not be combined with the brain of say, someone else? Does it have to exist in a "brain"? If not, how can it be created or contained contained, and what would it experience contained in something other than a brain? There are many theories about awareness and why it happened. Some say it's the result of an electrical feedback loop in the brain, others say it's not even material.

Why is it that to this day, there is no concrete answer as to why or how consciousness came to be, or how it functions? We know the building blocks of the universe are atoms, which are made up of sub-atomic particles. We know that they are all separate things which are not aware. How could it be that from these gazillions of separate lifeless particles we have life, and we have consciousness? I'm sure you're imagining that by chance, it could happen. But there's a more logical explanation than some accidental super complex chain reaction.

The answer is simple. This is a virtual universe. How can you find the source of your self, when you're trying to find it from inside a virtual universe? Everything you're examining other than your feelings and your awareness is essentially an illusion.

However, How can this universe be virtual? It's so complex, it's so detailed, it's so utterly massive...It would take such immense intelligence to construct...Well, let's examine what intelligence is.

What is intelligence, and is it special? Sure, to us the kind of intelligence it would take to construct the universe would be very special indeed. TO US. However, lets say there existed a life form which had what I would call "absolute intelligence". It's what though is when it has not been handicapped. "Memory" is a hard concept for that life form to understand because it can't forget anything. Thinking about a billion things at once is no chore for it, as it is to us, it doesn't take effort for it to remember. "Math" is a hard concept for it to understand because it processes the most complex calculations and formulas by instinct and never has to think about numbers because it only knows "things/ideas" and what it wants those things to do. What those "things/ideas" do, just happens to be "math" to humans because for most people that kind of thinking is not instinctual. But remember, math doesn't exist, things exist (waves, particles, energy)...Math just makes sense of those things for us. And of course we can't accept that anything could be that intelligence because it seems surreal. Compared to US. The reality is, we humans are probably just so limited that we don't even know how limited we are, and intelligence like that is not "Special". We are special, because we are so different.

So what is this virtual reality we are in? The particles and subatomic particles are all either pixels, or the fabric of the imagination of a far more advanced imagination. Either way, we have simply been inserted into a virtual reality no different than the oculus rift can insert us into from this reality. The trick to understanding the virtual universe, is not to think of it as a helmet over our heads, but the insertion of consciousness directly into a particular stimuli. Consciousness is much like water in that it can be separated from itself and transformed, like water turned into coffee, but can only be water after all the impurities (experiences, which make coffee), have been filtered out. After filtration, the consciousness is completely pure and void of all things other than a fundamental awareness (peace). But that's really all it is. Each different variation of DNA is a different type of beverage, with the fundamental being water (consciousness), and the additives being your imagined experience as an individual. A drop of water separated from the ocean and given additives.

What about emotions? What about physical sensations? How can virtual particles make us "feel"? It is my belief that emotions are to true reality, what particles are to this virtual reality. Consciousness is emotion and sensation in it's raw form, and emotions and feelings are like elements. However, they respond to triggers. The life we life here is that trigger, and DNA is the regulator of them via our brain.

What about substances that manipulate our emotions? This is a very good question. It's important to understand that this reality was constructed with the idea that consciousness would be inserted into DNA, and the DNA would construct a very particular reality to be experienced. The DNA is virtually a controller for our consciousness...A mind altering substance is basically a "mod" for the system, or a "hack". It manipulates the emotional triggers of our virtual brain interface. You can turn emotions on and off with them. You can turn everything on and off because it's just code which triggers sensations, giving us the illusion that those sensations are tied to this life rather than something we would otherwise feel at will. We are probably the highest form of "technology".

The future is the realization of the virtual world. That we are the fundamental of existence. We are what exists, not made of anything at all. We will understand that size is not real, just the idea of size. We will understand that time is not real, only the idea of time. We will understand that this physical reality is the displacement of our fundamental self. The fragmentation, and compartmentalization of pure feeling and emotion.

From this perspective, it's easy to see that our ideas about science and technology are all very primitive, and is nothing in comparison to what allowed the science and technology to be in the first place.

Though I must admit, I am conflicted. Should this be the truth, I could possibly be spoiling the illusion and making potentially eons of work mean absolutely nothing. Well, that's one side of it. There is always the possibility that we are in this reality against our will...

Still, I have many questions. And these are my questions:

- If i'm right, it seems strange that we could be able to turn our awareness off and disappear after falling asleep. Is it possible we are still aware but can not retain memory of it?

- If the source is the sum of all experience, how does it filter out the bad experiences? How does it live with them? Is hell the filtration of negative experiences as it was explained to me by a religious man?

- Are the pixels made of thought that is being projected by a mind or by a machine?

I suppose without these mysteries, life wouldn't be as much fun.

Dec. 4th, 2014

The computer universe theory

There are a lot of ideas and scientific facts that point to the universe being a holographic universe powered by a computer of some sort. Here they are in point form:

- The double slit experiment: It's been scientifically proven that matter behaves differently when observed. This could be because the pixels of the hologram are affected by our focus on them. It makes more sense for a computer to be adjusting this, than for it to just happen because of physical properties of matter (I realize they are the same thing, but in concept they are different).

- Quantum entanglement: Two particles which have been entangled, moving simultaneously at any distance. This seems kind of mind blowing until you realize that if a computer is telling them to move simultaneously it's no big deal. In fact, distance itself would merely be an illusion, in the same way that you perceive enormous environments in your dreams, even though it's all happening in a tiny brain.

- DNA: DNA is essentially a .rar file for life. The DNA structure is a container specifically coded to interface with the user (Awareness). Although the process of expanding the image is automated by the computer, it's designed to contain consciousness adding to the seeming infinite experiences one can have through a DNA holographic organism.

- The unanswerable questions of the universe: Does it have an edge? What was it before it was the universe? What sparked the big bang? Why is it speeding up? Although still hard to answer, the answers would make a lot more sense if we view it is a holographic projection, rather than some thing that just exists. (Yes, that was sort of a cop out, but important to consider. I'll probably make a single post about that topic.)

Onto the mystical stuff

- The Akashic records: People who have had mystical experiences often speak of a place that exists which records the information of everything that has ever happened. Now before you say that's impossible, how can anything record all these particles for all these years, consider the hard drive in your computer. Surely, you could not imagine keeping track of all the bits of information in your own head, but there's no problem with believing a machine can do it. Well, that's sort of what the akashic records must be. It's been described as an enormous disk type structure with two sides where all of history has been recorded. If we're living in a holographic projection being powered by a computer, it's simply the hard drive.

- The OBE: Consider that the user of the computer is "awareness" in any form of life, and consider that their bodies are the controller with the brain being the wire harness, or interface. When the controller malfunctions, so does the experience (mental disorders, missing limbs, disease), and when it breaks completely, you remove yourself from it. The most convincing argument against OBE's has been the "AWARE" experiment where signs and objects are placed in a hospital room where only somebody having an OBE can observe them. So far nobody who's had on OBE has seen any of them...But maybe that's because once you leave the controller, your world becomes something completely separate from the virtual world in the holographic universe. I agree this is a very complicated idea, which is almost pushing it, but if we're in a holographic universe from inside a controller, it would have to be different without it.

- The NDE: There are MANY people who've described seeing particles as coded pixels, and described becoming instantly aware that our entire reality is essentially virtual in this life. Completely artificial, with the only real things being our awareness, and our feelings. Which kind of goes hand and hand with a blog I wrote about how hormones don't create emotions, but rather trigger them.

Anyways. That's enough for now. Just wanted to write some thoughts out.

Nov. 5th, 2014

The meaning of life.

Perhaps it's just simply to try new things. Eternally.

Oct. 24th, 2014

How to feel peace

Imagine planet Earth as though humans never lived here.

Planet Earth without human history, is peace.

Oct. 23rd, 2014

Future news. News from the future.

"Turns out all that plastic you've been drinking is actually making you look younger!"

Jun. 6th, 2014

My theory of matter, simplified.

Imagine...That's all we do, whether literally, or metaphorically. Our mind imagines? How?

Let's break it down...

The particle: A particle is an idea. Each one, a single abstract idea. It has not physical presence because an idea has no physical presence, other than knowing of it. A particle is a bookmark, or marker of an idea, and our imagination brings that idea into it's full realization.

The imagination: Eternal, and fundamental. The imagination is the only thing that exists...I think, therefore I am....That is all that really exists. It does not physically exist. It exists on a level so fundamental that we can not actually comprehend, or accept it. We can not accept that there is no such thing as space unless it is imagined.

Therefore; Each aware entity perceives these ideas/codes/bookmarks/markers/memories using imagination before anything else.

You have to understand, intelligence is not special. It just seems that way to us, in our state of mind...Outside of that state, knowing of every particle in the universe, and it's path, is not special.

May. 31st, 2014


Why do I hate dogs so much?

I hate the way they look
I hate the way they smell
I hate the way they act

Oh, why do I hate them so?

May. 29th, 2014

Technology is not helping humanity.

The 1950's was the height of human intelligence. Human intelligence is behavioral, not technological. That's where everyone in the world is wrong. That's where we truly differ from the other animals in the animal kingdom. The 1950's was a time of manners, class and above everything else, respect. After browsing youtube comments for mere minutes, it's pretty clear to me, we're reverting back to our old primal ways, and technology is mostly to blame for it as far as I can tell. It's Mike Judge's Idiocracy coming to life, which is ironic considering he's the same person who created Beavis & Butthead. A show which significally affected me in a negative way, although at the time I had no idea. At the time, I worshiped those two mockeries of teenagers like myself at the time.

All I'm saying is, being smarter does not make us more human. Being human, is about not being an animal, which means living the way people lived in the 1950s.

Apr. 24th, 2014

Jesus man, what the hell are people gonna do without jobs?

Forget about where food is going to come from, or how people are going to afford anything because when machines do all the work, most of it will be free. How long until a pill can replace meals? Or even Optogenetics, which will supply energy directly to our brains using light rather than inefficient nutrients in food?...How long until massive 3D printers build homes instead of people? How long until self driving cars? How long until all expenditures in the world are digital, thus allowing computers to handle all things financial better than humans in the form of apps? How long until machines diagnose illness? How long until machines build and repair machines? How long until all babies are flawless test tube babies? The irony is not even comical. We made all this stuff for us, but all it did was make us completely useless and not even necessary. "But, wont it be paradise on earth?" You ask...No. Here's why.

What the hell are 7,000,000,000 existential materialists, who completely lack creativity or imagination going to do without any purpose in life?

This future is unavoidable, or at least the part about most jobs becoming unnecessary. The most unfortunate thing is, the people who are dumbing down the population right now for profit are going to die and will have spoiled the human race without even knowing it, just so that they could brag about their wealth. Because a future without necessary jobs requires creative, appreciative, considerate and truly intelligent people...Based on the direction we're headed right now, there wont be many people like that around, because the ONLY things people care about right now are money, celebrity news, sex and self gratification. Most people are just stupid demanding consumers. Adding nothing, and wanting everything. Well in the future, there wont be any money, there won't be any need for sex. There wont be very much of the kind of stuff everyone lives for, right now. The more self centered people are in a world like that, the more unbearable it becomes...So we're basically becoming an utterly useless species of animal which just consumes, and relies on others to provide purpose and that's a f#cking disaster waiting to happen.

I predict.

Mar. 15th, 2014

Constipation theory

The us gov paid for the anti-vax movement to re-introduce measles and prove that information on the internet can be extremely dangerous so that they'd have a reason to start censoring the internet, which is why they are handing it over.

Feb. 19th, 2014

To delete later

It's interesting that although I think about lucid dreaming very often I didn't even clue in that I was having a lucid dream when I had a dream about having a lucid dream because the life in that dream seemed completely unrelated to this life. It's as though we live a brand new existence every time we dream and I find that fascinating.

Feb. 9th, 2014

A look into the brilliant mind that is 'Swiss Hood'

So you like hip hop? You like the hood? You like, Swiss Chalet? Then look no further, because right here, right now, have a one on one with the original godfather of the 'Chalet rap' genre, Swiss Hood!

GB: First of all, let me start off by saying, I love your work, I'm a fan, and oh ya, did I mention, I love your work!
SH: Yo, thanks a lot man. Means a lot to me.

GB: So, we mentioned a few months back that we'd be doing a one on one with Swiss Hood, and needless to say, our inbox has been flooded with questions. Here's one that seems to be on everyone's mind. Was "Bitch don't eat my fries" inspired by a real life incident?
SH: Ya man, I was on a date and the bitch took a fry wid out even askin. How a bitch just gonna take a nigga fries wit out even askin?

GB: What was the inspiration for the first track on the album "Swiss Chalet cat", is that about your cat or was it just an idea that came to your mind.
SH: It's true, my cat only eat Swiss Chalet chicken, and don't touch none else. Only right to represent on a track.

GB: In the track 'Betta get it right', there is a lyric that goes: "I kill niggas all day, do it up the right way, forget that sauce, you gone be face down in the parkin lot". Rumor has it Swiss Chalet actually tried to get that track removed from the album because they thought it was too violent and didn't look good for the company.
SH: Yea, das true. But really, I do a lot of advertising for em, so we came to an agreement that i leave it on the album but cut out a few lines.

GB: Such as? Come on! We're huuuuuuuge fans!
SH: Hahaha, aight... "Forget my fries on a date? You about to get rape, wit my nine up yo ass, be my tip for dat!".

GB: Hahah, dope. We'll I can see why they had a problem with that but it's too bad you had to remove it. Ok ok, I know you got to run so last question. How much more bad ass Swiss Chalet rhymes does Swiss Hood have left?
Sh: I got 4 tracks in the works right now, one a dem is about how I love Swiss Chalet cutlery, then there's another one about a time a dropped a chicken on the floor. That's about all I can say for nah. Goes like this do "I drop a chicken on the floor! (HELP!) I drop a chicken on the floor! Need some more!, I drop a chicken on the floor! (HELP!) I drop a chicken on the floor! Need some more!"

Feb. 8th, 2014

Time for weekly movie mash!

In this weeks edition we explore the potential of Dracula and The Bourne franchise.

Picture this, an agent finds himself in the middle of an abandoned building. No memory of anything, except he notices in the mirror that he's wearing military gear, and has a phone number tattooed on the inside of his arm.

At this point all of the viewers are thinking, oh great, another rip off of the Bourne Identity. However, we now have several options to keep the audience enticed.

1. The film starts out at an auction. We see a casket being rolled out with a stake going right through it, and one military person nodding to another to bid on it. Later on in the movie Bourne slowly starts developing a taste for human blood, and discovers that after being injected with the blood of actual Dracula, the military decided it was a bad idea so they discarded him and he woke up accidentally due to his immortal life.

2. His love interest happens to be the same girl that Dracula has had his undead heart set on for the last thousand years, and it becomes a battle to the death for her in the midst of the chaos of not knowing his true identity and trying to expose a cover up.

3. His quest to find his true identity takes him to Transylvania and while searching for a remote weapons facility he ends up in Dracula's castle.

As we can clearly see this mashup has a ton of potential.

This has been Movie mash!

Feb. 1st, 2014


The shit exits my bowel as I sit feeling more and more relieved with each milligram released. At the same time my index finger frantically moves from gem to gem trying to reach the score of scores which has never been had before. Upon completion, I wipe gently, only to glance at the art I've made. -Unknown

Jan. 20th, 2014

What if

Monogamy = Cheating/Jealousy
Marriage = Unnatural bond between two people = Divorce
Covering private areas = Over stimulation of private areas
Political correctness = Epidemic of dishonest people/Sociopaths
Countries = Wars

Then the world is completely fucking backwards and religion is almost entirely to blame for all of it.

Jan. 4th, 2014

No cred

So many things I've read recently on popular blogs, or in popular magazines are things I've been writing about over the last few years.

Although it sucks to not get noticed, it's humbling to know that it doesn't matter. Life moves forward whether you're doing it, or someone else is doing it. In time, whatever Einstein thought of would likely have been thought of by someone else.

All of the worlds greatest discoveries could be made just as easily with the help of a background in a specific area of study followed by psychedelic exploration. I believe psychedelic substances are the key to unlocking the next phase of human evolution, which will undoubtedly be unity and timelessness. A realization that as the planet we have a responsibility to take care of ourselves, all of our forms. Creatures, plants, the water. A time of vast understanding and optimism.

Dec. 23rd, 2013

The order of the internets

Reddit shares Imgur, Imgur shares 4chan and Tumblr, Facebook Shares Imgur, and Reddit.

Twitter sucks!

My secret stash.

I have a secret reservoir of sperm under my right armpit. It's reserved for the queen.

Nov. 27th, 2013


Seems as though i'm now more confused as to whether I have it or not than I was when I was first diagnosed. Between having to explain myself to my friends, and noticing many differences between myself and others in the group i'm beginning to think I might just an idiot.

Nov. 11th, 2013


"Jane, ready the pizza." Said Dr. Loodlefandoodle. "Sure thing, Doctor." Replied Jane, his receptionist. Jane then went to the lunch room, took a frozen pepperoni pizza out of the freezer, and put it in the toaster oven at 425 degrees. She didn't bother to set the timer. Jane then proceeded to the front door where she used her key to lock it. It was one of those key locks where the door could not be opened without the key. Jane swallowed the key, and began fingering herself in front of the patients. The shouting began in an instant. "Hey, what's going on here??" shouted one of the patients who had been waiting patiently for doctor Loodlefandoodle. "Open that door right now Lady!" Shouted another. Meanwhile in room number 4 Dr. Loodlefandoodle was with a patient. "Do you know what this is?" Asked the doctor as he swung the whistle in a pendulum like motion 2 inches from the patients face. "A whistle?" Replied the patient, with a confused look, as it seemed quite obvious what it was. The doctor stepped back and touched the whistle to his bottom lip with a wild look in his eyes and replied "IT'S MY RAPE WHISTLE!!". Without even a moments notice Dr. Loodlefandoodle began raping his patient while whistling repeatedly with his rape whistle. The patient was putting up a fight so the doctor administered a sedative to calm them down. He then reached for his mobile phone and called the police. "Hello, yes, this is Dr. Loodlefandoodle, i'm located at 57 Whistlewick road, unit 7 and i'm raping my patient!!!" Dr. Loodlefandoodle then blew the rape whistle into the phone, hung up, and darted for the safe in the supply room. Inside the safe was an AK-47 and ammo, which the doctor was quite looking forward to using on the police after his pizza. Dr. Loodlefandoodle grabed the gun and ran to the front where he noticed his receptionist was getting beaten, and shoved as she continued to pleasure herself. Dr. Loodlefandoodle fired shots into the air, and the patients retreated. "Is the pizza ready, Jane?" Asked the doctor. Jane checked her watch. "What's that smell???" asked the doctor with a look of great concern. "Oh no!!" Screamed Jane. "Jane, did you burn the pizza?????". Jane took a gulp, and then replied...."Yes".

The doctor killed everyone.

Nov. 2nd, 2013

In the future

We will no longer use Eyes to see, because they have too many problems. We will use synthetic sensory devices interfaced with our brain which will allow our brains to see everything around us in perfect resolution, without all the noise that accompanies our vision on a daily basis using our standard definition eyes. No more fuzz, or specks when you look at the sky on a bright day, and no more squinting our eyes when we look at the sun. As the technology becomes more HD, so will our need for increasingly HD vision. Perhaps built in electron microscopes some day which will allow us to zoom into the molecular level. I came to this conclusion after having a dream where I saw a tree, and sunset in perfect HD, I couldn't believe what I was looking at. I woke up and realized that when we can use our brains to see, rather than our eyes (which we do anyways), everything will be so much clearer.

I also believe there will be some kind of intake monitor installed in our body, which will measure substances that have been ingested, or have entered our blood stream. The monitor will be synced to our devices so we can be alerted if anything is wrong, or if we are overdoing it in any food/drug department.

Oct. 13th, 2013

Secret society of the movement key terms:

A movement - A bowel movement

Going for a dark one - Having a movement in total darkness

Shitting in silence - Having a movement in remembrance of fallen members while wearing ear plugs to avoid any offensive sounds

An observation - Having a movement while being silently observed by one other member

Going vegan - Replacing toilet water with small waste bags and disposing your feces in the compost bin under your kitchen sink

A waft - Having a movement while one other member wafts pleasant aromas in your direction, humming occasionally.

A release - Weeping uncontrollably during a movement after a traumatic experience

Oct. 11th, 2013


Needing to create jobs is the entire problem. If capitalism made sense, we'd be working to eliminate as many jobs as possible which burden people on a daily basis. The reason nothing makes sense and shit is about to hit the fan, is because we allowed stupid people to be in charge and make all the big decisions. If we had smart people making decisions from the get go, rather than a bunch of pigs with self interest in mind the monetary system would have never been created, and NOBODY would ever want scarcity. But it's completely backward. In a capitalist society people salivate over scarcity. It's sick.

Oct. 10th, 2013

(no subject)

I just learned that christian people believe unborn fetuses go to hell because they are not baptized. I bet if they did scientific analysis on holy water, they'd find that it's just regular fucking water. I also can't even fathom how people believe their "loving savior" would send, or allow an innocent unborn child to go to hell because of something some other person is responsible for. Thats the most evil, worse than satan, worse than hitler thing i've ever heard of. What a load of horse poop! It's for some reason, noises that come out of a throat can be responsible for saving a persons soul. That's what prayer is, it's noises from a throat. If saying some magic code words get you into heaven, but actually being good doesn't then why the hell would you even accept a savior with that kind of stupid logic? It's extremely stupid.

Sep. 26th, 2013

Ya welcome to the matrix

Sep. 22nd, 2013


International dump: Eating food in another country, then taking it back to your country and shitting out entirely international food.

Sep. 19th, 2013

Dear Livejournal:

Edit: This is a lie, and tumblr is not good.

Dearest Livejournal,

I have nothing but love for you, and I will still come and visit every once in a while, but i've discovered Tumblr. I'm very sorry. I know this will be hard for you, but I need to progress.


Sep. 18th, 2013


Sep. 17th, 2013

(no subject)

This journal is my fucking oeuvre!!

Ctneurosa - (Medical)Definition

A rare condition affecting patients who have had a neural CT scan done. The patient becomes overly insecure about the attractiveness of their brain to the doctor who's examining the images and may suffer severe panic attacks, or suicidal thoughts if they feel the doctor has rejected their brains appearance.

The plot

Edit: I am a paranoid, delusional nutcase.

They need an excuse to start using nano-bot antibiotics and this is it. They are probably creating antibiotic resistant strains on purpose.


What celebrities don't know is that they are nothing more than specimens for all of humanity to observe and take interest in. We've created a prison for them. We feed them well, and shower them with attention but they have rules they can not break or we put them down. Just like animals in a zoo. I've never understood people who want to be a celebrity. To me it's nothing more than confinement.

Selling war

"Ya well, the goal is to get kids to believe that violence is fun, and no big deal with all these games, and TV shows, but what these kids don't know is that the real thing is very different. It's traumatic, panic inducing, and makes you sick to your stomach in real life. So they will go be soldiers and if they make it back alive, they will need therapy for PTSD, and they will probably never fully recover."

Sep. 16th, 2013

Experience = Knowledge

Other: I'm thinking about going to Earth, I hear it's really amazing there.

Me: I've been there. Really depends on a lot of things. Not the same for everyone...

Other: Would you go back?

Me: Not for a long time...It was very hard, and very negative for me.

Other: Why?

Me: I guess to make a long story short, it's very unfair. You have to live with other people who only care about their own lives. So they take what you want and they don't ask if it's ok...It can make you negative. There's a lot of negative there. I have friends who went there who became dark. You also fully forget your experiences when you go there. You don't know answers at all until you're told, or you find them.

Other: That does sound hard. I wonder why so many speak so highly of it...

Me: Probably because of what they call "fun". Being a creature allows you to have "fun".

Other: I'm trying to remember...What is fun again?

Me: Very hard to explain unless you've experienced it. It's basically a very positive, easy feeling. It's when you love a moment so much that you forget about "you". People love moments a lot on Earth.

Other: Ooooh I think I know. I've been a creature a couple times. I once moved to air vibration pattern and it was fun.

Me: I made people move to sound patterns really well on Earth. It is called music, and they are called "Disc Jockeys", or "DJs". I'm glad you experienced that, it's hard to explain to all who have not. Music is fun!

Other: What was the most fun?

Me: Well on Earth you change over time, so life comes in stages. You are "born" then you are a "child" then you "grow up", then you are a "grown up", then you get "old", then you "die". Being a child was fun for me, but nothing was as fun after that, because what they call "knowledge" removes your imagination. They don't know it's bad there, they think it's important to do that. There are people that actually think "Positive" and "Imagination" are very bad. Those people confuse everyone else, and make the world negative and dark. They think "fun" is dark, and "Negative" is good. If you can live the most negatively, and the most hard, you get what they call "respect", which is when others think you have "value". Thats why it's so negative there. It can make you dark...It's dangerous if you don't know how to stay positive because removing the darkness is very scary, and hard they call it "Hell", they don't know that "serious", and negative "knowing" puts you there. So that's why I only had fun in my child years, because it was not as serious. Because they tell you "deceptions" about what happens after your creature shuts off. So most people are very scared of it. I was so scared of it that I created a lot of deceptions. It was hard.

Other: That sounds really hard.

Me: Some things were very much worth it though. I learned a lot about "How", and "why".

Other: I know a lot of answers, but it sounds like you learned so many there...Did you need to remove darkness?

Me: I had to remove a lot of darkness, and it was very hard. But, it's all gone so I can travel again.

Other: It sounds like an important experience.

Me: It's the only reason why anyone should really go.

Other: What else is fun?

Me: Having fun with others who are fun is the most fun. In order to have the most fun you need to make "friends" with other people who are fun. Friends is when it is ok for people to do activities together. If it's not ok, you are not friends. There is also "Family" but it's not the same as friends. Family is like automatic friends usually because even if it's not fun, you are expected to do things with them. Also family makes you do what's called "Worrying", which is when you think about things that did not happen yet and they are negative, and they make it hard for your family. They call this "Love" there. Also it can be very hard if you love family you don't like. It's very hard to explain. But overall being with friends, and not "worrying" is fun almost always. On Earth, other people make it fun, it's hard to have fun without others.

Other: Thank you.

From this point forward, your career will determine your food.

Career - Food

Train conductor - Franks and beans
Doctor - Chicken Salad
Lawyer - Food court chinese
Fireman - Stag Chili
Social worker - Minestrone soup, or chicken broth with ramen noodles.
Pilot - Turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and white bread and a milk to drink
Comedian - Chicken Parmesan sandwich - toppings optional, must have cheese
Dental hygienist - Garden salad with french dressing, or Italian
Dentist - Corned beef sandwich with choice of side.
Cruise ship captain - Sea Bass with steamed vegetables
Psychic - Thai express

Stipulations for when I die.

- First of all, I don't want regular speeches, only spoken word about feminism, because I hated it so much while I was alive.

- I want an open casket funeral, and I want face paint beside the coffin so people can paint my face however they like. This will be done in place of that silly book people write their names in.

- Loud farts will be expected by my coffin.

- J Quitt must do a vinyl wrap for the coffin. He can make whatever design he wants as long as it's not inspired by 2000's era west coast gangster rap.

- As they are lowering my coffin into the ground I want hired models to be there for the photographs. They need to be weeping!! I don't care they're getting paid!! I only want extremely good looking people around my coffin, so that when people look at photos of my funeral the'd think I lived like Derek Zoolander. I need Billy Zane to be there.

- Over the next few years I will be recording speeches to give for everyone who visits my gravestone. I want a weatherproof MP3 Player attached to a megaphone so that I can give powerful speeches about the superior Aryan race after i'm dead.

Sep. 15th, 2013

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Beautiful women are like living sculptures that don't like me.

The story behind the song...

Rolling stone (RS): So how did you come up with "Sweat, Sweet Caroline" ?

Wind (W): Funny story actually. It started out as a cover of Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline but I can't spell very well, so I spelled it "Sweat Caroline", and when my friends saw it they started making fun of the title. "Play "Sweat" Caroline!" they would always yell out during my shows. It was kind of embarrassing, So I decided to write an entirely new song and call it "Sweat, Sweat Caroline".

RS: A lot of people have interpreted the meaning of the song as a rapist torturing a rape victim, but you claim the song has nothing to do with rape and it's entirely different.

W: That's true actually. I started with the title first, and began to wonder what S,SC was really about. When I started writing the song I tried to imagine what would make Caroline Sweat, so I wrote about things that would make Caroline Sweat. Unfortunately I didn't consider the context.

RS: Now that we've cleared that up, what do you have planned next?

W: Well I've been developing a S,SC video game. Basically Caroline has to do things that make her sweat or she dies. That's the whole concept of the game. It's none stop action from the get go! Can you guess what music I chose to put in the background?

RS: Can we assume it's Sweat, Sweet Caroline?

W: YES! HAHAHAHAHA! You got it!

RS: Well we'd like to thank you for doing this interview, it was helpful.

W: My pleasure.

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The truth is, I only did the coffee report this morning to use the word "coarse" correctly. I needed to redeem myself, and I did a great job.

Pat on the ass for me.

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I just discovered bluegrass. I'll be full Goy in no time. Feels like home.

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Doctor: How are you Josh?
Josh: I'm kind of annoyed.
Doctor: I see. Why is that Josh?
Josh: An old friend posted a picture of Plexico Burress on my Facebook wall, then tagged a few of my good friends in the comment section.
Doctor: Why does that annoy you?
Josh: Because I want to delete it, but I don't want anyone to know that I look at my Facebook...

In my future

I will create a video game console, and design all of it's games. And there will be a 3D printer attached to it. I will make you collect magical keys in my games, and after you've collected them, they will be 3D printed. They will come with an address printed on them, and you will google that address and drive to that location. You will use that key to open a locked door. When you open it there will be chocolate pudding waiting for you, in a bowl made of gold, and studded with diamonds.

And when you beat any of my games, I will have a trophy 3D printed for you. So you can put it on your desk.

I am the future.

Sep. 14th, 2013

Scumbag Rob

Doesn't reply to my wall post
Invites me to his event

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I'm only fasting because my family is fasting. It's a guilt thing, and it's hell.

I really want to eat and it's only 12. Fuck...

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The liar does NOT want you to know, or find out that they are lying. If they are descent you will find out later, if they are really good you might never know, and if they are supreme liars you will fight for them to the death while they steal your life from you..


Tonight I watched pornographic footage of a black lady with a clitoris so large she was fucking another woman with it. It looked just like a dick...Exactly like a dick, but it didn't have the little hole at the top, plus she had a Vag. It made me wonder if a dick is really just a more evolved clit, in which case men should be extremely proud. Our is more evolved yo...But...That means women were here first. Not Adam, Eve.

Sep. 13th, 2013

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There's always someone looking for answers to unanswerable questions. If you're evil enough you could provide that answer. It doesn't have to be true, and it doesn't have to be right it just has to make sense.

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With nobody else to impress, all you can do is impress yourself. What fun is that?

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Intelligence is just another elitist social club. That's all it's really good for. Schadenfreude.

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